Life in Pictures. With some words.

We’ve been shopping a lot lately. With the holidays coming up and Brian working on his latest fixer upper, we’ve been making a lot of trips to the city for supplies. (I feel like 78% of our relationship has been spent at Menards. Lol.)



And at our trip to Costco, I made him try on coats for this winter. I married a man who hates being cold as much as he dislikes large amounts of clothes on him. Thus, coat shopping is tricky. And he married a woman who has a slight obsession with coats – rain coats, pea coats, wool coats, quilted coats, coats with fur, coats with designs…all coats. Lol.


And after making our rounds, we treated ourselves to a little shared milkshake :)


Thanksgiving morning I decorated our first little tree while Brian went to fix a sink at his renters. I have never watched Irving Berlin’s White Christmas and I didn’t finish it then, but I did start it that morning. Our house is coming along!


And yesterday we headed to the city to go Black Friday shopping after I got off of work. We decided a few weeks ago that we weren’t going to buy Christmas gifts for each other and try to save our money to get our vehicles winterized, but Brian surprised me that evening and said we could sneak out a bit and see if there was a deal we couldn’t live without. So of course I headed to Kohls! I’m very proud of myself – as the Black Friday signs flashed in my face and the incentives reached out of the aisles and practically grabbed my arms – I walked out of there with a reasonable amount of goodies in my arms and Brian felt accomplished in getting a good deal on an item he’s been wanting for over a year.


When Top Gear ended, Brian was pretty distraught. Thankfully, The Grand Tour started up on Amazon with our favorite British characters and we have a fantastic time on Friday nights watching the show. I’m also a little focused on NBC’s Timeless. I feel like most TV shows encompass Brian and I’s relationship : the bookish girl who barely can carry on a normal sentence without contributing random trivia partnered with the athletic, good looking guy who has to learn to work with her.


As I was getting ready for work this week, I took a look in the mirror and realized I may have a problem with plaid. Haha. Sounds about right! (And you get a good look at our makeshift closet and pile of shoes…you’re welcome. Lol.)


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